When in Rome

When in RomeI’ve had this picture sitting around for awhile, waiting for the right inspiration. To me, it always looked like the model in it was being forced to undergo this makeover. Maybe it’s the clips in her hair that suggest bindings. Maybe it’s the way her arms are tucked-in, like her hands are tightly bound together in her lap. Either way, it’s an easy jump from there to the notion that this is a guy who’s being forcibly inducted into the role of a supermodel. As to exactly who he is and why the makeup artist and others are so intent on turning him into a woman, and a very lovely one at that, I shall leave up to your imagination. Enjoy!

This caption is similar to others I’ve written, so I’ll just mention a couple: there’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” from last year, and “Break My Spirit” from 2015. Any others I’ll leave for you to stumble across yourself.


2 thoughts on “When in Rome

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