Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hit Me With Your Best ShotHere’s another valuable tip for all you budding cross-dressers: when you hit the salon for a makeover, have a cover story ready to go before you walk through the door. Memorize it. Rehearse it at home, over and over again, until you half believe it yourself. Or until you genuinely believe it; after all, you can’t afford any slip-ups. Even one tiny mistake could reveal your ruse and expose you to shame, ridicule, and perhaps worse. Possible cover stories include, “I lost a bet with my girlfriend (or sister) so I have to be her bff (or kid sister) for the day.” Or this old standard: “I’m rushing a frat and all the pledges have to dress as girls. The more passable I am, the better my chances.” Of course, those have been done to death but there are lots of others, and the more original your story the better your chances are of sailing through your makeover undetected. So if any of my readers would like to use the cover story shown in this caption, feel free!

The salon makeover is a trope I’ve used a few times before (is that an understatement or what?), most recently in “Break My Spirit“. Then there’s “Bride to Be” from last year and “Miles to Go” from 2013, and the story “Regulation Housewife” from 2014. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you could find numerous other examples throughout the archives. After all, could there be anything more fundamental to cross-dressing than being transformed into a woman in a salon? I rest my case.



Hit Me With Your Best Shot

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