Caption Vignettes: 2007

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The ReplacementThis was my first story to appear online, having been written way back in 2007 (but I’ve improved a lot since then). It’s an erotic tale of a son obsessed with taking over his mother’s life, with the emphasis on his transformation into her. I once stumbled across a translation of this story on a Russian website, and if that’s not a serious endorsement I don’t know what is!

Caution: The plot of “The Replacement” includes a murder scene. That may be common enough in fiction, but here it’s disconcerting because the perpetrator benefits from his crime and totally gets away with it. It was not my intention to show that crime pays. Rather, I was focused on the details of the gender transformation and failed to recognize that the plot built around it was flimsy and unconvincing. This is a common failing in poorly-written TG fiction. I won’t make any excuses; all I can really say is that I’ve become a much better writer in the years since. So consider this vignette a historical document and just enjoy the transformation (and that gorgeous picture).

4 thoughts on “Caption Vignettes: 2007

  1. I’m Not Sure That You Still Write Story’s Or Not On Here AnyMore,But I LOVE The Story”Better Half”!It Was Done In Such A Way That The Story Was Fresh,And New.It Could Have Gone In ALot Of Diffrent Direction’s.You Should Do A FollowUp With This Story!Or,A New One With The Same Type Of Spin.But…Let’s Keep The Fairy’s Genie’s And Other Magical Being’s Out Of It.If You Need To Use Magic Let’s Stick To Spell’s,InChanted Or Cursed Julery,Or Position’s.

    • Thanks for the props. In case you haven’t seen the rest of the website, it’s been updated regularly for years and the latest item was posted less than a week ago!

      Regarding fairies: I’m with you. In general, they’re pretty lame. The “Better Half” vignette is the only time I ever used that device. I never say never, but I don’t often use magic of any stripe.

  2. Tripped across your site while looking at TG-Fiction sites I really like the caption stories the best. Like the salon stories the best. Do not know if you take ideas or not, but here’s one : Young and pretty-looking, thin boys has to help his Mom , who’s recently divorced with their living expenses. Mom is friends with a lady who runs a Summer Fashion and Lingerie show. She has to replace girls who work for her each Summer ; some of whom do the runways walks and others have to help load clothes and such. Not all her girls are strong to lift lingerie boxes ; so she recruits a few special “Boys ” to help her out. All of whom have to be dressed as girls or ladies “temporarily ” during the Summer trips. Some of her special “girl-boys ” get scholarships granted to help with college ; they have to remain dressed as females.

    • Thanks for the props, Ftygrl.

      It’s not a matter of taking ideas or not; I find inspiration in lots of places, including other people’s captions or stories. It’s more a matter of what strikes a chord with me, and how I can take off on a tangent and make the idea my own. That last part is the most important. If I can’t think of something unique to say, or some new slant on an old idea, then I can’t use it.


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