The New You

The New YouWell, here we go again with yet another son seeking to become or replace his own mother. I’ve written about this before, and some readers have written in to express how the subject seems to resonate with them as well, although they remain baffled as to why that might be. Well, it’s a mystery to me as well. I can only think that because we all grew up admiring our mothers, and perhaps having them as a primary role model, then maybe it’s only natural (stretching the meaning of the word natural) that we find ourselves wanting to be like them—and from there it’s only a short jump to wanting to be them. Whatever the case, let’s be clear on one thing: this is only a fantasy. No one really wants to do this, so let’s not take things too seriously.

At any rate, this is my latest attempt to capture the essence of this classic cross-dressing trope. However, I’d like to mention up-front that there’s a bit of an ick-factor in this vignette. It isn’t described explicitly, but the story does mention how the son intends to become his mother: through surgery and organ donation. You can probably imagine what that entails, and he intends it to go both ways. The son becomes female and takes over the mother’s role, while the mother replaces her son (against her will, it must be said). This is rather disturbing, on the face of it, but let’s think about this: is it really any worse than any other sort of organ donation? A mother has donated a womb to her daughter (seriously!), so why not to a son? More to the point, is this notion of swapping organs more disturbing than a son turning his mother into an ultra-realistic bodysuit and then wearing it? The victim of a “costume gun” hit is certainly worse off than the mother in this story. Anyway, you’ve been appropriately cautioned. Read on at your own risk.

For prior work in this vein, there’s lots. From last year alone there’s “Talisman of Yulo“, “In Her Shoes“, “Perchance to Dream” and “Luck Be a Lady“. See what I mean? There are others, deeper in the archives, but I’ll leave those as a surprise for the motivated reader. (Hint: just go to a yearly archive page and search for the word “mother”.)

I should also mention that this story is somewhat similar to a caption sequence I recommended earlier this year, “All According to Plan” by the TG captioneer Kendall. Her work did partially inspire this vignette—as did, of course, my own prior work in the same area. Great minds do think alike.


The New You

The New You caption/promo (click for full text)

6 thoughts on “The New You

  1. So I just read this gem and was pleased to see some familiar elements! Then I saw the shoutout and the shoutout from earlier in the year that I missed while I’ve been busy! I’ve unfortunately been away from writing and the caption community for some time now due to real life becoming very time consuming, but wow! Such high praise from a writer who I respect and admire very much! There are only a few blogs that I check regularly and yours is indeed one of them. And yes, my cap did indeed sound familiar because it was rather heavily inspired by your story “Replacement”, which is quite the fiendishly erotic tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this story too and I look forward to more in the future!

    • Thank you, Kendall. High praise indeed! I’m glad you saw my shout-out because I believe good writing should be acknowledged and celebrated. May we continue to inspire each other in the fabulous years to come! 🙂

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  3. This was an absolutely brilliant story, Amanda! (Non-magical) mother/son swaps are my favorite captions to both read and write, and “The New You” is amongst the best I have came across in quite a while (Joe Six-Pack’s “The Clover Coffee Club” being another masterpiece in a similar vein). I will be spending a good chunk of the evening enjoying more of your incredible works!

    Jen DerBender

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