Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2011

Note: The length of the PDF file is given in brackets (in pages).

Problem ChildProblem Child (12)

Caption story (book-style): teenage, cross-dressing, son-2-mother, TG comics

The Cross-Dresser's WifeThe Cross-Dresser’s Wife (24)

Caption story (book-style): TG captions, thirtyish, M2F, cross-dressing, shemale, tricked, sex

Halloween HousewifeHalloween Housewife (1)
Vignette: thirtyish, M2F, cross-dressing

Time, Considered as a Curl of Soft HairTime, Considered as a Curl of Soft Hair (18)

Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, M2F, magic, salon

PredeterminedPredetermined: A Fable of the Future (1)
Vignette: M2F, SciFi, sex

The MachineThe Machine (10)

Caption story (book-style): thirty-something, M2F, SciFi, the operation, forced

DiagnosisDiagnosis: Female (12)

Caption story (book-style): teenage, M2F, cross-dressing, sex, medical, son-2-mother

The SkinThe Skin (30)

Caption story (book-style): early-twenties, cross-dressing, M2F, bodysuit, sex (non-consensual, but not glorified; a minor part of the story)

The Party TrickThe Party Trick (1)
Vignette: twenty-something, M2F, tricked, sex (warning: a bit raunchier than usual)

StarmanStarman (1)
Vignette: trapped tranny, M2F, SciFi, humor

That '70s DragThat ’70s Drag (1)
Vignette: teenage, cross-dressing, M2F, hypnosis

D.N.A. TestD.N.A. Test (8)

Caption story (book-style): thirty-something, M2F, the operation, coerced, humor

BewitchedBewitched (10)

Caption story (book-style): college age, M2F, magic, tricked

8 thoughts on “Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2011

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    • Thanks. I had to re-read it just now to remind me what it was about. I totally forgot about what happens at the end! Really hits you between the eyes, doesn’t it?

      As for continuing the story, that’s not possible. It’s complete as it is. To extend the character’s life story, you’d need some narrative reason to do so. What would be the plot? Where would the story go? Way too much TG fiction demonstrates that the author doesn’t know how to properly open and close a story. Whatever faults this story might have, at least it has a well-defined narrative arc with an ending that properly answers the question(s) raised at the beginning (i.e., who is Lonnie and where is his cross-dressing headed?).

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