Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2010

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7 thoughts on “Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2010

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  2. Amanda, you do SO many great stories I can’t possibly comment on each. I am a voracious reader and have spent hours going through your past stories. Thank goddess you are prolific! And I LOVE the images! Strangely, it’s one of your faded ” background” images that seems to effect me most. ….. the one where “she” tries to convince the returning husband she’s a switched boy and…. the lips shot is mesmerizing. Great job.
    Please keep making more. If it matters, I totally love hypnosis stories and wedding outcomes…honeymoons too!

    • Thanks, Laura. That’s nice of you to say. I don’t really consider myself prolific. I put up a handful of posts every month, and longer stories less often than that, but some people post captions every day (not necessarily good ones, of course). What I’ve got going to me is longevity. I’m still alive and posting after nearly nine years, whereas most caption writers burn out a lot faster than that.

      I’m glad you like the images. They aren’t always to everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy mixing them in with the text. It’s really just a bit of fun to help the writing go a bit easier. Lots of authors have different ways to motivate themselves and help trigger their creativity, and that’s definitely one of mine. I’m not sure which story you’re referring to, but faded backgrounds have become kind of a signature for my work.

      And yes, I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing like a good hypnosis story (the better to remove our male inhibitions), and weddings are of course a classic focus for TG fiction. That’s ironic, in that weddings (especially big ones) are getting less popular these days. Guys were always more ambivalent about weddings than women tended to be, but stick a guy in a wedding dress (along with the proper hair, makeup, etc) and it’s a whole different story. I’ll have to write one of those again one of these days…

  3. You have so MANY that kind like…. at this second it’s Charlies Angel. … I love hypnosis stories. This one was even better.

    • Thanks. I had to look that story up; been a long time. Quite simple, but it’s an interesting concept. If I tried something like that nowadays, it’d probably weigh in upwards of ten pages (maybe 20).

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