Can’t Beat Them

Can't Beat ThemHere’s another common TG trope: a young guy who can’t find a job (as his own lame male self) tries his luck disguised as a woman, and naturally lands one straightaway. Why? Because now he’s smart and attractive, not to mention a joy to be around. This is such a common fantasy in our community, and such an obvious product of wish-fulfillment, that it probably qualifies as a modern transgender fairy tale (pun intended). Anyway, nothing original here, but it’s my predictably wordy, and deftly amusing, take on a tale as old as… well, the modern office environment. Enjoy!

Trawling through my archives, I see there aren’t a whole lot of workplace or office-themed captions. I had to go all the way back to 2014 for “Feel the Benefit” and “Right Job for the Woman“. I do like the man-as-secretary trope, but not the submissive-woman aspect. That’s one reason I didn’t define the woman in this caption as specifically being a secretary. She could be, but I left it open to include any other white-collar position. Girls rule!


Can't Beat Them

Can’t Beat Them? caption

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