The Mild Side

The Mild SideWho says that cross-dressing always has to be dangerous and/or edgy—something that can (or should) only happen on the fringes of society? Certainly not me, although I have written a few captions along those lines. For some of us with an overriding interest in ladies wear, what would be for most people a very ordinary situation can become something quite like… a walk on the wild side (with apologies to Lou Reed for this one). Enjoy!

On the face of it, this caption is similar to many others with a salon theme. “When in Rome” most recently, and before that “Self-respect” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” (among many others).


2 thoughts on “The Mild Side

  1. Love it!

    Ive walked out of Sephora and through the “rich mall” in town many times in full face with a bald head wearing a hoodie to my car to go home and change

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