Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2009

Note: The length of the PDF file is given in brackets (in pages).

  • The Trudy Show (10)

    Caption story (book-style): late-teenage, M2F, the operation, coerced, sex, assault

  • The Makeover (8)

    Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, cross-dressing, salon, shemale, hypnosis, sex

  • Age of Discovery (22)

    Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, M2F+F2M,
    cross-dressing, bodysuit, romance, sex

  • The Kidnapping (28)

    Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, M2F,
    cross-dressing, bodysuit, hypnosis, romance, sex

  • Autocloset: The Dare (4)

    Caption story: teenage, SciFi, auto-salon

  • Phone Call (1)

    Vignette: teenage, cross-dressing, humor

  • The Mommy Trap (2)

    Vignette: teenage, son-2-mother, bodysuit, sex

  • Sexual Chemistry (4)

    Caption story: thirty-ish, magic, romance, M2F+F2M, sex

  • Sins of the Flesh (2)

    Vignette: thirty-ish, M2F, priest-2-nun, SciFi

  • Empty Nest (5)

    Caption story: college age, cross-dressing, magic, M2F, bride, sex

  • Wig Mk-3000 (3)

    Vignette: teenage, son-2-mother, SciFi, sentimental

  • Mother’s Boy (6)

    Caption story: teenage, son-2-mother, hypnosis, salon,
    cross-dressing, sex (tasteful, NOT in-yuck-cest)

Mother's Boy

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  1. The Mommy Trap, I do also wounder if Pregnant she could become, If she went to an OB/GYN and they could not tell?

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