Rose Gold

rose gold<<<warning: huge understatement ahead>>>

As many of my frequent visitors may have guessed by now, I sort of have a bit of a thing for long hair. Not too long, mind you; if it gets much past one’s shoulder blades it kind of turns into too much of a good thing. Straight is okay, but not too straight. Curly is okay too, but not too curly, if that makes any sense; more like wavy, actually, although I don’t mind more curl down at the tips, but even then it should be sort of loose rather than too tight. Also, I’m quite partial to brunette hair, anywhere from light to dark brown, but it shouldn’t be too dark because then it’s hard to see depth and definition in the hairstyle. Likewise, blonde hair is nice, but it shouldn’t be too blonde because that edges toward white and I’m not a fan of that. Other shades are of lesser interest—even red which I understand is quite popular but has never done anything for me personally.

Anyway… this is a long-winded introduction to the picture shown in today’s vignette. Long story short: it’s gorgeous! I was blown away by the look (and how it must feel), so I had to work up some text to go with. What if some poor smuck wandered into a salon, fell asleep in the shampoo chair and this is what he ended up with? (If only, right?) It’s a pretty basic cross-dressing trope, but sometimes you gotta go with the classics. Enjoy!

As most of you know, I have a long history with salon captions so I’ll just point out a couple that remind me of this one. There’s “Product Recall” and “When in Rome” from this year, “Break My Spirit” from 2015, and even “Wig Junkie” from 2013. There are undoubtedly others.


P.S. We have us here another wide caption, so here’s the JPG image for anyone who collects that sort of thing. Be warned, though, that you’ll be missing out on some extra text in the PDF file.

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