Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2022

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the senator's wifeThe Senator’s Wife (2)

TG caption set: M2F, 20s, son-2-mother, cross-dressing, coerced, makeover, hypnosis, stuck, satire

she's no brother of mineShe’s No Brother of Mine (2)

TG captions: M2F, 20s, brother-2-sister, cross-dressing, tricked, hypnosis, revenge, suggestive, stuck

female prideFemale Pride (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20s, cross-dressing, forced feminization, stuck, bondage, satire

roleplayRoleplay (12)

TG story: M2F, F2M, adult, man-2-wife, bodysuit, hypnosis, stuck, sex

he'll try anything onceHe’ll Try Anything Once (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20s, cross-dressing, tricked, stuck, humor

party like it's 1969Party Like It’s 1969 (3)

TG vignette: M2F, adult, cross-dressing, tricked, hypnosis, sex, stuck

being femaleBeing Female (2)

TG vignette: M2F, F2M, college-age, son-2-mother, bodyswap, stuck

be a good girlBe A Good Girl (1)

TG caption: M2F, college-age, cross-dressing, caught, coerced, stuck, humor

hypnotic seductionHypnotic Seduction (9)

TG story: M2F, 20s, buddy-2-girlfriend, cross-dressing, bodysuit, hypnosis, mind control, sex

the new maddisonThe New Maddison (1)

TG caption: M2F, F2M, 20s, guy-2-girlfriend, magic, identity theft, stuck

payback timePayback Time (3)

TG vignette: M2F, adult, forced feminization, surgery, stuck, humor

woman of wonderWoman of Wonder (12)

TG story: M2F, 20s, cross-dressing, makeover, stuck, humor

the ultimate highThe Ultimate High (2)

TG vignette: M2F, 20s, cross-dressing, bride, stuck, humor

nailed the lookNailed the Look (1)

TG caption: M2F, adult, husband-2-secretary, cross-dressing, makeover, stuck, humor

charlie x-yCharlie X-Y (9)

TG story: M2F, 20s, buddy-2-girlfriend, sci-fi, mental change, sex, stuck

take it like a womanTake It Like A Woman (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20s, cross-dressing, salon, suggestive, stuck, humor

a year in the lifeA Year in the Life (10)

TG story: M2F, F2M, 20s, man-2-wife, magic, Zulo, sex, stuck

cabaretCabaret (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20s, cross-dressing, self-hypnosis, stuck, humor

the games couples playThe Games Couples Play (3)

TG vignette: M2F, F2M, 20s, guy-2-girlfriend, bodyswap, magic, sex, stuck

she never looked betterShe Never Looked Better (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20-ish, brother-2-sister, bodysuit, identity theft, rationalization

my big sisterMy Big Sister (3)

TG vignette: M2F, 20-ish, brother-2-sister, bodysuit, sci-fi, stuck, highly suggestive, humor

heaven can't waitHeaven Can’t Wait (11)

TG story: M2F, 20-ish, brother-2-sister, witchcraft, magic, sex, stuck, humor

feminization goes to elevenFeminization Goes to Eleven (9)

TG story: M2F, F2M, 20s, man-2-wife, bodysuits, mental conditioning, sex, stuck, wedding

what a lucky man he wasWhat A Lucky Man He Was (1)

TG caption: M2F, adult, employee-2-wife, bodysuit, stuck, humor

the mutual admiration societyThe Mutual Admiration Society (15)

TG story: M2F, F2M, 20s, son-2-mother, mom-2-son, cross-dressing, bride, sex, stuck

on the road to womanhoodOn the Road to Womanhood (1)

TG caption: M2F, adult, cross-dressing, psyche, Valentine’s, humor

life-jack!Life-jack! (1)

TG caption: M2F, F2M, 20, son-2-mother, cross-dressing, hypnosis, identity theft, stuck

revenge served sexyRevenge Served Sexy (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20s, brother-2-sister, bodysuit, stuck

the bodyswap cureThe Bodyswap Cure (7)

TG story: M2F, F2M, 20s, husband-2-wife, sci‑fi, stuck, sex, humor

flatteryFlattery (1)

TG caption: M2F, 20s, nerd-2-hottie, sci-fi, stuck, humor

behold the womanBehold the Woman (22)

TG story: M2F, F2M, adult, cross-dressing, makeover, magic, man-2-wife, sex, stuck

the returnThe Return (1)

TG caption: M2F, 18, son-2-mother, bodysuit, humor