Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2012

Note: The length of the PDF file is given in brackets (in pages).

The InterrogationThe Interrogation (51)

TG story: late-twenties, M2F, forced womanhood, the operation, mental conditioning, mild sex, humor

Charged with a crime he did not commit, a man is subjected to an unusual interrogation technique, by a bureaucracy that will admit to no mistakes.

Shared LifeA Shared Life (2)
Vignette: M2F, cross-dressing, tricked, biology

Corporate LadderThe Corporate Ladder (1)
TG caption: M2F, cross-dressing, bride

Masculine LiberationMasculine Liberation (1)
TG caption: M2F, forced womanhood

The WeddingThe Wedding or “Come as Your Mum” (45)

TG story: mid-twenties, M2F, cross-dressing, son-2-mother, hypnosis, sex

For the perfect wedding, the best advice is this: don’t cheap out on the hypnotist.

The HousewifeThe Housewife (1)
TG caption: M2F, cross-dressing

Brains BennetteBrains Bennette: The Case of the Missing Mother (82)

TG story: teen/college-age, M2F, cross-dressing, son-2-mother, Sci-Fi mystery

For teenage sleuth Brains Bennette, the disappearance of his mother, a private investigator herself, is the beginning of a mystery that will transform his life.

Mirror, MirrorMirror, Mirror (1)
Fake book cover: m2f, stuck

BrideAlfred Angelo Bride (1)
Magazine ad: wedding

Forced WomanhoodDollification: A Tale of Reluctant Womanhood (7)

Comic: cross-dressing, coerced, humor
(with thanks to Mr. Hugo Black)

Forced WomanhoodForced Womanhood (1)
Magazine cover

Schoolgirl CaptionSchoolgirl Caption (1)
Vignette: TG caption, humor

10 thoughts on “Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2012

  1. Still catching up on your stories. The Interrogation is fantastic. One of the best TG stories I’ve ever read. Great concept, terrific follow through. Loved the characters and the pop culture references.

    • Thanks. That was a rather long story, but without a whole lot of plot to it, so the reader really has to be fully invested (and interested) in the process of transformation itself in order for the story to work. I haven’t had much feedback on that story, so my suspicion is that not too many people were invested enough to get through the whole thing. Long story short: I really do appreciate hearing that you enjoyed it. 🙂


  2. Great stories. I have been a T-girl all my life but made a recent discovery. I can tuck everything away into my body making a pseudo vagina. I love the feeling as well as how it looks in the mirror. I tuck it every night hoping it will remain that way. But of course doesn’t.

    If things go well, I intend to have my SRS next year and be a total, complete woman.

    Happy Transition, may your journey be fast and wonderful.
    – Lorelei

    • Good for you! Doing that sort of thing is a common fantasy in the TG community, but I suspect most people aren’t able to do it.
      (Sorry for removing part of your comment, but it was a bit too steamy for this blog. And my policy is not to post personal email addresses here either.)

  3. Amanda!

    Big fan of your work.

    Love crossdresser’s wife, and all the other stories.

    Big fan. Want to see more!

    P.S. There’s a recent story on FM lately – Sadie Hawkins – I thought you might really enjoy it. Also I had a niggling weird-dream that you were Amanda (Sadie) Hawkins; it might mean something.

    Can’t wait to read the next one!

    A. Fan.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Viper. I’m glad you enjoy my work.

      PS. No, I’m not Sadie. I’ve never placed any of my work on FM. I’ll check it out, though, when I have time.

  4. Sex is the driving force in forced feminization, I believe. If a woman (or a man) can convince a potential submissive, to forego sexual release at their request, yet physically, visually and verbally keeeping him aroused, anything can be made of him, and feminization is so humiliating yet arousing (especially if stimulation, viagra and the like are used, but not to release,) that he will become addicted.

    • Thanks for the comment, Julie. But I have to say, the whole “forego sexual release” idea isn’t part of any fantasy I’ve ever had, and it certainly plays no part in the fiction on this website. I think forced-fem (or coerced, whatever) is one thing, and denial of sexual release is quite another (and one I really don’t ‘get’).

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