Welcome to my blog.

This is where I will post my own works of transgender fiction: caption stories and smaller items that I call vignettes. They are packaged in PDF files for easy downloading and viewing. These works are similar to TG captions, in that they combine words with images, but they have more text than most captions. A vignette is one or a few pages, with at least one picture. Caption stories are longer, often around ten pages (although some are longer), with multiple pictures. The pictures vary from small to page-size.

My work is transgender erotica, not porn. The pictures found here are not pornographic; most involve no nudity at all and the few that do are tasteful, involving only bare female breasts. Some stories do involve sex, but it is not explicit. Needless to say, underage persons are not involved in any mature situation.

My work is not restricted to any of the themes commonly found in transgender fiction. It ranges from straightforward cross-dressing to any and all varieties of magical and SciFi tropes. The files are tagged with keywords to provide an idea of what each story is about.

Please be aware that this blog will not be updated every day, or even every week. Quality is better than quantity. Thanks for visiting!

Amanda Hawkins

Yahoo Group

This blog is a continuation of the Yahoo group of the same name, which was created in late 2007 and eventually (December 2011) reached a high-water mark of 4469 members. All the files from that group have been copied over here, so you won’t find anything there that isn’t in this blog. I plan to keep the Yahoo group as a backup, so new files will continue to be uploaded to both sites.

College Degree

Should anyone doubt my literary credentials, I’ll simply point you to my degree from my old alma mater, Thunderwood Collegiate. In November 2013 it conferred upon your hostess the degree of “Mistress of Creative Writing in Transgender Literature“. Take that, all you critics out there.


The images used in this blog are culled from a variety of sources all over the Internet. They are assumed to be in the public domain and are used under the fair use principle. If you are the owner of any of these images and you believe that its use on this blog is in violation of copyright law, then please let me know. I respect the intellectual property of photo creators, and will remove the offending pictures if so requested.