For those new to my work, you’ll find here a year-by-year introduction to my work. The longer and most complete stories are listed on the Featured Stories page on this website, so what follows below is a highlights package of captions and vignettes that represents a few of my own favorites and some items that have stirred up interest among my readership. Feel free to browse from here to the full-year archives for many more works of TG fiction.

Note: The length of the PDF file is shown in brackets (number of pages).



a little too eagerA Little Too Eager (1)
A vindictive landlady catches a young cross-dresser in the act, but finds that her attempt to punish him might just be to his liking…

hollow peopleHollow People (13)
In the aftermath of a psychopath’s use of the Costume Gun, two people are left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

for king and countryFor King and Country (8)
A man who feels driven to impersonate his late mother soon finds himself drafted into serving his country in a way he could never have imagined.

selling outSelling Out (11)
A closeted cross-dresser is visited by a door-to-door salesman whose wares include the most high-tech breast forms imaginable… and an ulterior motive.

neural malwareNeural Malware (1)
A glimpse into the near future: don’t forget to install your neural firewall before it’s too late!

answers from the great beyondAnswers from the Great Beyond (11)
An emissary from Hell escorts a cross-dresser to his destiny in the next world.

oath of officeOath of Office (1)
Beware the overzealous beautician who takes her sworn oath just a wee bit too seriously!

a time machineA Time Machine! (9)
Beware the machine that can reach back through time, because meddling with the past might just turn you into a woman.


miss american girlMiss American Girl (6)
A promise to his sister led Marcus into a world of womanhood.

spock rebornSpock Reborn (1)
This is the way the film should have ended.

I'm just sarahI’m Just Sarah (2)
Being your wife can be terribly invasive… until all of a sudden it isn’t.

better not to knowBetter Not to Know (7)
When you finally score a date with a hot chick, it’s good advice to avoid looking the proverbial horse in the mouth (or anywhere else).


new youThe New You (3)
A transgender son’s admiration for his mother is taken to its logical, unsettling conclusion.

magazine coverTransformation (1)
The magazine for men who enjoy being women. (Alas, only the cover of this fabulous magazine is available online—or anywhere else.)

addictionAddiction (1)
Cross-dressing can be terribly addictive, and for those afflicted the danger is frighteningly real…


world needs moreThe World Needs More (1)
So true! A world in crisis needs a lot more cross-dressers! It’s a seller’s market, people—and there just aren’t enough of us to go around.

Her ShoesIn Her Shoes (2)
A tall tale of a young man following in his mother’s footsteps… very literally.

Aversion TherapyTransgender Aversion Therapy (1)
Is this the ultimate cure for cross-dressing? Yes, in the sense that ‘cross’ no longer applies.

Simon SaysSimon Says (15)
An absurd premise leads to a magical transformation and some trippy TG repartee in this humorous romp about doing whatever it takes to find true love.

Don’t JumpDon’t Jump to Conclusions (1)
One of my better and most popular comic covers, with some truly nifty dialogue.

Ponytails Still RulePonytails Still Rule (1)
The ponytail is a potent image of feminine style and grace. It also likes to get its way…


The ReplacementThe Replacement (11)
A TG comic about a complicated romance between a man and a bodysuit. It’s over at TGComics; registration required, but it’s free!

New York at NightNew York at Night (1)
A glimpse into the kind of alternate world that I for one would have no trouble living in.


The GameThe Game (11)

A seriously sensuous vignette about body-swapping between a man and wife, with predictable consequences.

A Death in the FamilyA Death in the Family (3)
A vignette showcasing the power of telling a tale over a short series of linked TG captions.

Public GenderPublic Gender (4)
A unique multi-caption vignette with an important message for the TG community.

Ghost in the MachineGhost in the Machine (2)
This Twilight Zone-ish TG caption is the second most favorite on my DeviantArt account.

Martian FeverMartian Fever (5)

This is an illustrated vignette that ticks a lot of boxes: cross-dressing, mild coercion, issues with one’s mother, and Sci-Fi. It’s a transgender feast for the senses!


transgender-enhancementTransgender Enhancement Therapy (1)
Without a doubt, this is the all-time favorite TG caption on my DeviantArt account.

final-fantasyFinal Fantasy (2)
Another popular caption at DeviantArt, thanks largely to the tie-me-up crowd (bless ’em).

phone-homeTranny, Phone Home (1)
A TG caption that nicely illustrates my playful sense of humor and exquisite comedic timing.

conversionConversion Process 2113 (1)
A TG caption that mixes science fiction tropes with cutting humor, which is me to a Tee, Bree.

this-i-amThis is What I Am (1)
A rather unique TG caption that really does capture some aspect of who I really am.


Masculine LiberationMasculine Liberation (1)
One of my earlier TG captions, and a fav partly because of the truly classy lady in the picture.

Mirror, MirrorMirror, Mirror (1)
A book I’m sure we’d all like to read, but one that doesn’t exist and likely never will.


Problem ChildProblem Child (12)

A classic son-to-mother story with comic-style illustrations. It’s a unique merger of story prose with TG captions.


Batman-iconBatman: Chase Forever (15)

A personal favorite of mine, partly because I liked the character of Chase Meridian so much, and partly because of the way the story explores and extends the whole Batman-Robin mythos. If you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…).


Age-iconAge of Discovery (22)

A very personal story of cross-dressing and social exclusion, touching on the classic TG themes of wigs and bodysuits. When you become the object of your own affections, where do you draw the line between loving someone else and loving yourself?


Timeshare-iconTimeshare (5)

A classic bodysuit story with a twist. This was the first story to bring me widespread attention in the online world, when it appeared as a front-page recommendation from TGComics. The story is a lot shorter than I remember. Color me surprised.


halloween-iconHalloween (4)

I used to have a different item here, but upon re-reading my work from 2007 I’ve come to realize that this touching tale better represents both myself and my writing.

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  1. I found your site and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your stories. Everything I’ve read has been very good and your Hall of Fame stories are excellent.

    Thanks for sharing these terrific stories.

  2. Timeshare… Wonderful story… loved it…like the body suit and the twist but its all too quick to transform…do more..I have read a lot of your work but never commented till now….if I can be so bold as to request…try one with more details on how one gets transformed.. not magic… just high tech stuff not an all in one presto your a girl..but piece by piece.. part by part… a guy gets transformed and its for 6 months or so.. just an idea… wrote one myself and like to see more…

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