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TGStorytimeToday I posted the three major stories (the longest ones) from last year on the excellent TG Storytime website. For anyone coming from there to find the PDF versions of these stories, here they are: The Cross-Dresser’s Wife, The Skin, and Time, Considered as a Curl of Soft Hair.

TG Storytime is one of the newest TG fiction websites, and in my opinion it is the best organized of the ones I’ve seen; no doubt taking advantage of its predecessors as examples of what to do and what not to do. Up to now my stories have appeared only on my own website; I took this step to hopefully expand my readership. My work is an unusual cross between standard TG fiction (lots of text) and TG captions (pictures, not much text), meaning that it can get lost in the chasm between the two. So for those of you new to my work I want to emphasize that the longer files available on this website are certainly long enough to qualify as works of TG fiction.

I’d also like to remind everyone that I’ve designed the book-style PDF files to be read in two-page-up view. To do this: in the Adobe Reader, select the View menu, then Page Display, and click on Two Page View. It’s also a good idea to maximize the Reader window and get rid of the Page Thumbnails sidebar. The result looks good on my 1280-by-1024 screen, but if you’re working on something smaller you may have to use a different view.


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