Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2007-10

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  • The Trudy Show (10)

    Caption story (book-style): late-teenage, M2F, the operation, coerced, sex, assault

  • The Makeover (8)

    Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, cross-dressing, salon, shemale, hypnosis, sex

  • Age of Discovery (22)

    Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, M2F+F2M,
    cross-dressing, bodysuit, romance, sex

  • The Kidnapping (28)

    Caption story (book-style): twenty-something, M2F,
    cross-dressing, bodysuit, hypnosis, romance, sex

  • Autocloset: The Dare (4)

    Caption story: teenage, SciFi, auto-salon

  • Phone Call (1)

    Vignette: teenage, cross-dressing, humor

  • The Mommy Trap (2)

    Vignette: teenage, son-2-mother, bodysuit, sex

  • Sexual Chemistry (4)

    Caption story: thirty-ish, magic, romance, M2F+F2M, sex

  • Sins of the Flesh (2)

    Vignette: thirty-ish, M2F, priest-2-nun, SciFi

  • Empty Nest (5)

    Caption story: college age, cross-dressing, magic, M2F, bride, sex

  • Wig Mk-3000 (3)

    Vignette: teenage, son-2-mother, SciFi, sentimental

  • Mother’s Boy (6)

    Caption story: teenage, son-2-mother, hypnosis, salon,
    cross-dressing, sex (tasteful, NOT in-yuck-cest)

Mother's Boy



The ReplacementThis was my first story to appear online, having been written way back in 2007 (but I’ve improved a lot since then). It’s an erotic tale of a son obsessed with taking over his mother’s life, with the emphasis on his transformation into her. I once stumbled across a translation of this story on a Russian website, and if that’s not a serious endorsement I don’t know what is!

Caution: The plot of “The Replacement” includes a murder scene. That may be common enough in fiction, but here it’s disconcerting because the perpetrator benefits from his crime and totally gets away with it. It was not my intention to show that crime pays. Rather, I was focused on the details of the gender transformation and failed to recognize that the plot built around it was flimsy and unconvincing. This is a common failing in poorly-written TG fiction. I won’t make any excuses; all I can really say is that I’ve become a much better writer in the years since. So consider this vignette a historical document and just enjoy the transformation (and that gorgeous picture).

11 thoughts on “Caption Stories and Vignettes: 2007-10

  1. “The Replacement” is my all time favourite classic. I loved the plot except the murder scene but overall it was great. I am waiting for you to write more of such stories on same plot in coming days. I am following you from last 2-3 years and a big fan of your work.

    • Looking back, I find the murder scene pretty problematic too. There’s nothing wrong with murder showing up in fiction (TG or otherwise), but there’s got to be consequences! Unfortunately, in the simplistic story I wrote then the murderer totally gets away with it. I certainly wouldn’t write it that way now.

      Since then, of course, I’ve written a fair number of “son-2-mother” tales (just search for that tag in the archives). “The New You” is one example, where I was trying to capture the same sort of feel.

  2. It’s simple. I *loved* Empty Nest. Any tg story that winds up in a wedding is MY story.

    Actually, my chance for this was snatched away after 3 years together. …. but I absolutely still have hope. Not just for a chance to be a bride, but HIS bride.

    “True Love has a habit of coming back!”

  3. Concerning “Wig Mk-3000”, I was wondering what his mother would say if she caught him as her much younger self.

    • Good question. What would anyone say, suddenly faced with their younger self? She’d probably assume, first, that the stranger was a family member she’d never met (least weird option), or that (getting weirder) some sort of time travel was involved, or a parallel universe. Probably the last thing she’d think was that this woman was her son, magically transformed into a youthful copy of her. As to how that conversation might go, not a clue. It would certainly depend on whether or not the mother had something to do with the transformation. Maybe I’ll revisit the story one of these days. (Would anyone like to read “Wig Mk-4000”?)

  4. I really enjoyed “Brushing my sisters hair”. I really wish that I could find a spell that would do that to me. Thank you so much.

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