Hawkins Catalog Page

Hawkins Catalog PageLast year I received a portion of a magazine article, a magazine cover, and a book cover, all of which seemed to originate from some alternate timeline (or timelines). Well, strangely enough, it’s happened again. Perhaps this item fell through some sort of hyperspace garbage chute, or maybe one of the Sliders brought it back with them from a parallel universe. All I know is that I’ve never heard of a ‘Hawkins catalog’ that contains pictures of women in lingerie, with 1960s prices no less. But there seems to be no end of interesting activities that my alternate selves are getting up to elsewhere in the great multiverse, and I find that thought oddly comforting. Enjoy!

Besides the New York at Night article, the Time Magazine cover and the Hairpieces cover, I’ll group this image with items like the commemorative stamp and the Mirror, Mirror cover as stuff I wish was part of my timeline. Ah well, you can’t have everything…


Hawkins Catalog Page

Lingerie from Hawkins Catalog

4 thoughts on “Hawkins Catalog Page

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  3. Now there’s a thing – one of your alternate selves as a (successful!) catalogue model! No doubt the thing most women and CDs will be most envious of is these prices…

    • Catalog model, book cover model, Time mag cover girl… the possibilities are endless. Hey, this could be a thing! Maybe this time next year everybody and his dog (and cat) will be discovering (or “discovering” with air quotes) pics of their alternate selves on everything from book covers to movie posters to video game wrappers. There could be websites dedicated to collecting these things, awards for whose alternate self is doing the best, pageants for pretties alt-self… the mind boggles!

      As for the prices, I note that the page didn’t specify the monetary units. So maybe those numbers are in something that’s ten to the dollar, which would make them on the expensive side. But hey, quality is worth paying for!

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