Runaway Feminization

Runaway FeminizationThis probably won’t come as a huge surprise to most people reading this, but—feminization can be dangerously addictive. Hold the presses, right? You start out slow—a bra here, skirt there, panties over there—but you need more. Your mother’s favorite cocktail dress, your older sister’s prom gown. And of course, a wig; something long and wavy to really take your transformation to another level. Tentatively, you ease into makeup, and after that the whole process just gets away from you. More clothing, better makeup, more changing your behavior to get that much closer to your feminine ideal.

It’s called (unforced) feminization, people, and it can get way out of hand. Witness the testimony of one such poor soul, who simply can’t stop himself from going one step further, then another, then yet another, and so forth until… maybe one day you wake up and there’s no going back. Enjoy!

This caption has some similarities to a lot of my dressing-up caps, but in terms of capturing the obsessive nature of cross-dressing nothing else I’ve written really comes close. (Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong; I don’t often read my older stuff.) There’s last month’s “The Games We Play“, of course. And from 2013 “One of the Girls” is close, but doesn’t make the obsession as clear. I suspect this is a subject I’ll return to in the future.


4 thoughts on “Runaway Feminization

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