PaybackI have no elder sister (or any sister, for that matter), but from what I know of them they are not to be messed with. Here’s what could very easily happen to a naĂŻve young cross-dresser who didn’t see the payback coming until it was too late. Enjoy!


Announcement: Incredible as it may seem, Canada Post is about to issue a stamp commemorating yours truly as a celebrated author of TG fiction. It’s quite an honor. Frankly, I had no idea they even knew I existed! The design is shown below, in its first public showing in any media. Coming soon to a post office near you…


Commemorative Canadian stamp

3 thoughts on “Payback

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    • I’ll consider it, although I haven’t got a summer-themed caption idea kicking around in my head at the moment. I do keep an eye on the various contests people run (and I did enter one last year), but for the most part the themes/pics on offer don’t tickle my creativity. Nothing wrong with any of them; they just don’t grab me. I will think about it though. 🙂

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