The Truth About Cross-dressing

Truth About Cross-dressingTo paraphrase and utterly subvert a famous movie line: You want answers (about cross-dressing)? You want the truth (also about cross-dressing)? You can’t handle the truth (at least about cross-dressing)! So here it is, all neatly tied up in a handy TG poster to which you can refer now and then, when you’re in one of those confused moods that often crop up in the minds of we the gender-challenged. Although, to be perfectly frank (which would be a nice change of pace for me), I’m not sure I actually believe what’s written in the caption (it is, after all, “TG fiction”). I got the idea from another similar caption making the rounds (if you’re interested, you can find it on my Pinterest account under “Other People’s TG Captions”). I was sufficiently invested in the idea to make a caption about it, and it may well be true for some people, but don’t feel bad (or glad) if it doesn’t apply to you. This sort of “mental duality” isn’t for everyone (probably not for me either). Nonetheless, I feel sure that the caption itself can be enjoyed by all!

If this piques your interest, similar items from my archives include “Let it Happen” and “The Girlfriend“. Enjoy!


Truth About Cross-dressing

The Truth About Cross-dressing

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Cross-dressing

  1. This is 100% me. As a man, I admire and adore women. And I also know that certain men are attractive, but I’m not attracted to them. But the instant I slide into panties or stockings, it’s like a switch in my brain flips and all I can think about is pleasing a tall dark and handsome man;)

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