Secrets of a Satisfied Blonde

Secrets of a Satisfied BlondeHere’s an odd bit of miscellanea for your perusal: a vintage hair product advertisement that appears to have slipped into our world from a magazine published in an alternate universe. And yes, it’s another one of my alternate-world alter-egos; a striking woman who seems to have found her niche in the modelling world. This item may not qualify as transgender, per se, but I do get a kick out of stuff like this! So let’s all just humor me, okay? 🙂

Another such item is “Hairpieces“. Note the uncanny resemblance to the current picture—there can surely be no doubt this is the same woman! Likewise the middle model from the “Hawkins Catalog Page“; even though she’s a brunette, the resemblance is truly uncanny! And for my favorite bit of parallel universe flotsam, do check out “New York at Night“. Now there’s a universe this girl wouldn’t mind living in.


Secrets of a Satisfied Blonde

Secrets of a Satisfied Blonde magazine ad

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