Transvestia: A Look Back

transvestia a look backHere’s an item that might be of historical interest to the TG community: a magazine article apparently lifted from an old issue of Transvestia magazine. As some of you might know, Transvestia was once the media standard-bearer for the cross-dressing community, back in the years when it was pretty much an underground scene. This article, including the cover, appears to come from the February 1961 issue, although that cannot be verified. The focus of the article is my namesake, one Amanda Hawkins. Obviously, the lady in question isn’t me, as that was certainly before my time, but perhaps there’s a familial link there somewhere—who knows? In any case, enjoy this trip down memory lane! (Click the above icon for the article.)

I should add that if anyone out there actually has access to the February 1961 issue, and discovers a different cover picture and no sign of this article, well then I would have to conclude that this particular item must therefore come from an alternate timeline. Long-time readers will recall that this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has occurred: there was a magazine ad, a catalog page and a book cover, as well as a very different magazine article and the amazing Time Magazine cover, all of which featured some alternate version of myself. I find myself fascinated by these slices of a life I might have led, had events turned out differently in this timeline. And given the frequency with which these items seem to crop up, I suspect this won’t be the last such “message in a bottle” we see.


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