Stand By Me

Stand By MeWhen Marcus’s best friend became the woman of his dreams, their love became inevitable. And so too was their strange journey through the farthest reaches of time and space.

If that’s not enough of a come-on for you, check out this awesome poster.


Stand By Me TG story promo

I made this to post on DeviantArt, but it turned out so nicely that I just had to share it here as well. The partial transparency on the woman’s figure looks so cool, but it’s surprisingly easy to accomplish in GIMP. The key is to have the female figure in an image file with a transparent background (you’ll have to read up on how to do that). Copy the file and add it to your background image as a new layer. Then open the Layers tab, select the new layer and adjust the opacity slider to whatever level of transparency you want (I used about 45%). So easy, I’m dying for an excuse to use it again!


16 thoughts on “Stand By Me

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  11. Genius. I really enjoyed the set-up for introducing the Thrall and why they were dealing with humans. I also enjoyed the clever analysis of a “simple” reduction in carbon-dioxide levels around the planet and the consequences thereof. But most of all, I enjoyed the characterization. The subtleties of emotion, both how they change and how they do NOT, across all that time… brilliant!

    • Thanks, Mellissa. It does have a “twilightish” feel to it, although things rarely turned out so well for characters in the Zone! Initially, I was actually considering ending the story after the first coda (with “they came” and all it implied), but I decided that one further twist would work even better. Without that, it really would have been straight out of the Twilight Zone!


      • Great story! I’m an SF fan and I could really “feel” the world you’d made. Touch of the Ray Bradbury. You really can write!

      • Thank you. I too am a great fan of SF. It’s got a touch of classic Ray, and also (as someone else pointed out) of The Twilight Zone (or maybe The Outer Limits). Any way you slice it, high praise!

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