Saving Grace

Saving GraceThe notion of First Contact between human beings and an alien race is an oft-used trope in science fiction. But I’m willing to bet that there’s never before been a First Contact story quite like this one! When the aliens arrive, a cultural misunderstanding results in the sudden demise of the team of scientists and military types attempting to establish contact with the unseen aliens. A nearby city comes under direct threat and for an astonishingly logical reason (as will be revealed in the story) only a motley group of cross-dressers, pried from their closets by arm-twisting and a call to duty, are in a position to even attempt to stop the aliens from wreaking havoc on the entire planet. At stake is nothing less than the cosmic future of the human race! (And if that doesn’t make you want to read the darn story, nothing will.) Enjoy!

Like “A Table for Two” earlier this year, this story is also quite unlike any I’ve written before. But in terms of enigmatic aliens doing enigmatic things, it is within shouting distance of 2014’s “Stand By Me“. I must admit, I do enjoy writing these sorts of stories.


Saving Grace promo

Saving Grace promo

3 thoughts on “Saving Grace

  1. …and so with his hair fit in a different up style, a gown from his own daughter’s collection, jewelry on loan from the first lady (will won’t mention where his bra and undergarments were from) looking as if he WAS our first woman President Donna (nee Donald) Trump set out to meet the Aliens. The world thought he was brave to do this, but truth be told his first wives may have known more.

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