A Table for Two

Table for TwoAn oft-used trope in TG fiction is futuristic technology for switching a person’s mind from one body to another. (Doing so magically is a whole different thing.) When and if such technology ever becomes available, I can guarantee that it will be used and abused; certainly by those rich enough to afford it, and quite likely by those who delight in screwing around with other people’s lives. In this tale, which does have a sting in its tail—and would totally have made a great Twilight Zone episode—a young couple goes out for dinner at a fancy restaurant… and stumbles into the field of play for a rich man’s deadly game. You don’t have to imagine the rest, it’s right here in the story. Enjoy!

This story is unlike any I’ve written before, but for another mind-blowing science fiction tale I’ll point you to 2014’s “Stand By Me“, which also stands as one of my best and favorite stories.


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Bodyswap: A Table for Two

8 thoughts on “A Table for Two

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    • A simple technological solution… trading between consenting parties would work well, but the potential for abuse is huge. In this story I made the machine a rare and expensive thing so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the vast societal implications and changes that easy and common body-swapping would create.

  3. While different from anything you have written in the past, I don’t think it should be the last of it’s kind. I really think you should continue to “stretch” your talents in new directions are VERY worthwhile.

    • Thanks, Terry. I agree; in fact, stretching one’s talents is the only way to improve. It’s hard to predict where my writing will go next, though. It could be something in the realm of an old TG standard, or it could be something totally off the wall. I won’t know until I’m knee-deep in writing it; that’s the fun of this business.

  4. A delightful story. A bit nasty, a bit erotique, with despair in the middle, and a happy ending with a bit of proper comeuppance.. I will read more of your stories.

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