First Contact

First ContactAnyone with an interest in science or the future has thought about First Contact. What would it be like to meet with beings from another star? What sort of ideas and knowledge would be exchanged? Surely it would be the most important thing to ever happen to the human species… Or not. Maybe it would be just one man, alone in a silent field under a starry sky. Maybe the flow of information would be entirely in one direction. Maybe he would never know why he was chosen, or what the creatures really wanted, or even be able to prove it had ever happened. But let there be no doubt that his life would be forever changed by such an encounter—to put it mildly.

This little tale belongs in a long line of sci-fi themed stories I’ve written. With good reason: sci-fi and I go back a long way; I’ve read (and own) a huge pile of the stuff. Of these, my favorite would have to be “Stand By Me“, but inscrutable aliens aside it’s nothing like this story. For a closer match you might try last year’s “Messing With Folks” or “The New Girl“. Enjoy!


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