Regulation Housewife

Regulation HousewifeThe tale of a woman feminizing her husband has deep roots in our community. The trick is to find a unique new reason for her to do it, which is what I set out to accomplish here. Admittedly, “tax reasons” isn’t the sexiest excuse in the book (although the results may well be), but at least it’s a novel approach. Enjoy!

I was also inspired by a recent caption I wrote on the subject of the salon makeover. In previous years my stories often touched on the salon experience, but I’ve been consciously trying to get away from that. Really, there’s only so much you can say about what goes on in a salon—and I’m trying to focus on creating more varied and entertaining plots. But every now and then it pays to revisit your roots, as shown here.

Bonus: check out this awesome poster!


Regulation Housewife TG story promo

As with my most recent story, I made this to post on DeviantArt, but it looks so cool I had to put it here as well.


12 thoughts on “Regulation Housewife

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    • As a general rule on my website, click on the small story-icon at the top of the page to get the PDF. That’s true for all of my posts. More recently (as of the last year or two), I’ve ALSO been linking to the PDF via the larger poster or caption below the post, but I didn’t go back and change all previous posts because that would be a pain and a half. My apologies for the confusion. However, I have now updated this post to do what it should. 🙂

    • If you click on the title ….on this message… it takes you to a cover page…… your “poster”?

      Click on that and the pdf book and pictures downloads

  2. Fleet Escort is just about my favorite story of all time by you. But I love Wonderland. I wish I could have read the wedding and…..after.

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  6. I just discovered your page and have enjoyed your stories. I dress on weekends and holidays. This story has me wishing I had that wife.
    May I just add love your stories thank you

  7. hot. I love that black dress.
    and here I am, sparkly silver party dress, pink heels ( I know, not color co or. – a dash of contrast) , I can even feel the makeup, smell my perfume… all dressed up and not daring to go out on Fri night

    • Yep, you can’t beat a cute little black dress. Your outfit sounds cute, Becky. As for being “all dressed up and not daring to go out”, I’ve been there. We all have, every last one of us who read these same words. At least in spirit, you’re far from alone.


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