Messing With Folks

Messing With FolksThe arrival of the alien Thrall resulted in vast upheavals to human society. It took time, but things eventually did settle down. The Thrall came in peace and carefully meted out aspects of their technology that we could understand and utilize. The science behind their genetic resequencer wasn’t something they were keen on sharing, as it was deemed far too disruptive. But through a chain of Change2U shops, they made the end product available to those who truly needed it—for a price, of course. And the cost wasn’t just money, as Edwin and his family were soon to discover. A chilling tale of alien intervention!

As you may have guessed, this vignette is set in the same world as the caption from yesterday, “The Intruder Within“, and of course both share the background first introduced in 2014’s “Stand By Me“. You don’t need to have read either to follow this vignette, but hey—why not take in a triple feature? An Earth with the Thrall is indeed both confusing and intriguing, and I do plan to return to it at some point in the future. Enjoy!


Chelsea Girl

And finally, don’t forget to reserve your copy of Chelsea Girl, the novel taking the TG world by storm! It’s cross-dressing as you’ve never seen it before, and quite possibly a dark-horse long-shot for the Pulitzer Prize in TG fiction. If you’re a betting gal, it’s gotta be worth a flutter!

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