Touched By An Angela

touched by an angelaTo repeat myself from just over a month ago, the bodysuit trope in TG fiction (whether it’s Costume Gun related or not) is a useful plot device, however implausible it might be (and totally is, let’s face it). Today we have an explicitly science-fictional version of the trope: a somewhat touching (and equally somewhat troubling, as these tales often are) tale of a son who is tasked with impersonating his stylish and notably attractive mother for a period of time, and finds the task rather difficult to handle (for all the obvious reasons). Enjoy!

As you may be aware, I’ve visited this topic before (just a few times), so you might want to check out last year’s “Skins Game” and “A Time Machine” from 2019, among many others in the archives (links to your right). As always, by the way, click the above icon to download this latest story.


3 thoughts on “Touched By An Angela

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  2. Touched by an Angela was an amazing story and after finding out that truth he decided to remain as his mother but would still walk around town so people wouldn’t ask questions

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