A Time Machine!

a time machineWe’ve all read stories about the ridiculous “costume gun” (I’m surprised it doesn’t have its own Wikipedia entry by now), and I’ve written a few of them myself. It’s a useful MacGuffin to turn a man into a woman—quick-like and no messing around with tight girdles and spectacular makeup skills—and of course the fact that it can be used by anybody, even if they aren’t absurdly small and light-weight for an adult male, is just a godsend. But it’s always bothered me that it isn’t clear whether the thing is a technological artifact (of alien origin, of course) or some sort of magical talisman (masquerading as a device of alien origin). So I tried to come up with some other way that a “costume” of this sort could exist, and this brief tale is the result. Enjoy!

My last time travel story was “The Paradox“, although it really isn’t much like this story at all. I wrote several son-to-mother items last year and none of those are much like this either, but I’ll mention “Gone But Not Forgotten” as being the most reminiscent. Before that, “Downtime” has both time travel and the becoming-your-mother thing, but it’s not like this one either. So maybe we’ve got us something pretty unique here. You be the judge!


P.S. I’d like to credit the lovely LA-based model Vanessa Lake for the picture used to illustrate this story. (The photo itself was titled “Time Machine”, so how could I resist?) I can’t claim to have obtained her permission to utilize her photo here, but it is in the public domain, I’m only posting it here on my website (as opposed to splashing it around the Web) and I’m not using the image to make money. It’s also worth noting that the photo is being used in a tasteful way (no fakery, no nudity, no sex, etc). I don’t usually credit the women whose images I use, but that’s because I don’t usually know who they are. This is also part of the reason I didn’t create a promo caption for this story, so I’ll remind everyone to click on the icon for the story PDF.

6 thoughts on “A Time Machine!

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  2. Amanda,
    WOW! I loved this story!! I wish my neighbor was a super smart physicist. The whole concept of your story was so original and fun. You are a gifted writer. I am so glad and very grateful that I found your website.


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