My Mother, My Self

my mother, my selfI won’t say much about this short tale (the title should be fairly explanatory), except to mention (or caution) that it is rather naughty (click the icon on the left to download). And if you like this one, do check out other examples of the classic son-to-mother transformation, such as “Touched By An Angela” and “Dress for the Job You Secretly Crave“, both from this year. And as is often the case, here at the Reading Room, my archives (links in the sidebar) contain many more examples (try searching for “mother”). Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “My Mother, My Self

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the story, the cross dressing and the outfit. Oh my god he transformed himself into the mother he loved so much to become her, in her image. I crossdressed in my mothers clothes to be close to her. The more I dressed, I more I wanted to become her.

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  3. Loved seeing you explain how dressed in “a knee-length cream-
    colored skirt, a sleeveless tunic to match, and a quilted jacket with gold trim. I
    chose a gold tone chain belt and a loose gold necklace, with matching earrings,
    and capped the outfit with a pair of black peep-toe pumps.” and then seeing her in this fabulous outfit. I hope you have a similar ensemble? Wish I did….so very lovely. Always look forward to your stories.

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