Skins Game

skins gameThe infamous “bodysuit” (usually of the female variety), as it is utilized in TG fiction, can be either magical or science fictional in nature—or, more often than not, simply unexplained; in which case it could be either one. In this story, the device (here termed a “Skin”) is thoroughly science fictional.

I’m continuing what might be termed a crusade (of sorts) to expand the portrayal of the bodysuit in TG fiction, and in that sense I’m reminded of my story from last year “Hollow People” (although the plot is quite different). Eagle-eyed fans of my work might also recognize the picture I used to illustrate this tale, in that I’ve used it twice before: for the caption “The Day After” from 2015, and the story “Fleet Escort” from 2013. Because the photo is just that good; her expression is perfect for this sort of thing. Enjoy!


P.S. I have just discovered (one day after posting this and years after using the photo for other works) that this lady is none other than the fabulous actress Salma Hayek. For the record, if Ms. Hayek should happen to see this post and object to her appearance here, I will certainly remove the picture.

8 thoughts on “Skins Game

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    • Thanks, Van, glad you liked! I think the one thing we can definitively state about aliens, wherever the heck they are, is that they’re different than humans (Star Trek notwithstanding). 🙂

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