Deep Cover

deep coverWhen it comes to matters of national security, there’s no such thing as a disguise too deep, too dangerous, or too over-the-top. One stay-at-home spouse discovers just how deep the rabbit hole can go, when his secret agent wife is selected for a perilous assignment—and his own role in the plan is no less deep and only slightly less perilous. Tune in to see just how “in touch” with his feminine side a man can ultimately get. Enjoy!

This tale involves the use of high-tech bodysuits. For other stories in a similar vein, you could check out last year’s “Skins Game“, “I Want You to Be Me” and “No Country for Cross-Dressers“.


4 thoughts on “Deep Cover

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  3. Another great story by Amanda. As always a well thought out plot, with many side journeys to keep you enthralled as the story moves on quickly keeping you reading never able to put the story down. You just have to finish it. You want just a slightly different ending or maybe a little more to see in print all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted. I wonder if Nancy can return to being a part couple. Or now will she go her own way when it doesn’t work out? Questions. questions and more Questions.

    • Glad you liked! I understand your curiosity about where the characters go from here; I too wondered what might become of Nancy. That could certainly be part of a larger story, only I’m not quite sure what the plot arc would be and how it would end. The story I was trying to write was all about Adam—from being the man he was to the woman he became—and it ended when the change became irrevocable. I may not have been entirely successful in focusing the story on that narrow track, to make it only about the change in one character, but in the story I was trying to write what happened to Nancy is secondary. I appreciate the feedback, though, because it makes me think about the story from a different angle.

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