Fleet Escort

Fleet EscortJanice and Wendel are having problems with their marriage. Will a vacation together fix what ails them? It just might, but not in a way Wendel could ever have imagined…

Fair warning: this is one of my racier stories. No graphic images, but the text is guaranteed to steam up your glasses. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Fleet Escort

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  2. I don’t understand all the details (because English isn’t my language), but the essential 🙂 And it is a great story, exciting, like one of my (old) dreams 😉
    I’m just (re)discovering the suiting stories, thanks to the rich reserve of stories in DeviantArt

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome! I know English can be a muddle for someone who wasn’t born to all the strange little rules and oddities, so I appreciate the fact that you made the effort. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Simone. High praise indeed!

      Funny thing is that I was halfway (maybe less) through writing a very different story when the idea for “Fleet Escort” came to me and I had to drop everything and write it instead. I have yet to finish the other story (which was/is “Resistance is Futile” for anyone reading this far enough in the future).

    • Good point! She is kind of a cartoon character, isn’t she? But her type seems to show up in TG fiction fairly often; the manipulative woman who forces our hero to don female garb (which he then ends up enjoying). No one should take this as a commentary on wives, or on women in general. (I personally am a big fan of the fair sex.) Obviously, this story has two feet firmly planted in fantasy, but that’s all part of the fun.


      • Overall, I liked the writing and the captioning. Excellent picture-choices in all three cases, and white-out effect in the middle one was an excellent way to describe how Wendel’s mind is sort of fading out as “she” services man after man after man.

        Hitting the mark on most of the counts. I’ve noticed a lot of TG fiction about how TG is used as a “punishment” for some infractions or other, and the male-under-the-female-disguise often learns to like it.

        The little throwaway in the 2nd caption: “…one of those nice men was me. But I’m not going to tell you which one” was the pinnacle of the fantasy, not just for the fact that the wife put on the male-suit, but because the husband was definitely in the subordinate position.

        And, of course, the final sting delivered in the last three lines: “Don’t I get a say in any of this?” “You’re the girl, baby-cakes. So no, you don’t.” It’s just about the saddest commentary on society I can imagine.

      • That’s a great comment, Bennett. Thank you for the comp and I’m glad you liked the story.

        You’re right; a lot of TG fiction involves forcing the hero across the gender divide as a punishment (the nature of the infraction being irrelevant). I think this sort of fiction is really all about punishing the reader for the crime of wanting to be female (in whatever way), for which we feel guilty, and guilt requires punishment. Freud would have had a field day.

        I agonized over the text of that final caption. The “you’re the girl” comment does bother me, as it seems to reinforce the stereotype of the woman as being inferior. What’s more–and I hope this comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with my work–I am definitely NOT of that opinion myself. (I’ve always regarded feminizing the male as an empowering step.) But it works in the context of the story, as a kind of feminist revenge fantasy.


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