Pillow Talk

Pillow TalkCouples have a unique way of speaking to each other when they’re alone in bed. It’s private, it’s intimate, and it involves a level of vulnerability you won’t find anywhere else. That’s what makes it both exciting and scary as hell. And as this short story illustrates, it’s the sort of thing that can easily get out of hand. Whether the way things turn out is good or bad, of course, is entirely up to you. Enjoy!

You're FreeBonus transgender poster! More words to live by. I encountered a poster like this somewhere out there in TG land and decided to create my own version, with slightly changed wording. It doesn’t officially relate to the above vignette, but when you think about it they aren’t so far apart. Also enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

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  4. Could there be a part two? When Daphne and Olivia go home they continue this role play and Daphne lets her male side grow and Olivia always remembers how the real man felt inside him compared to the strap-on Daphne uses. I am just saying how that is how it started for me. I went from dildos to the real thing. Daphne could be checking more women but with boyfriends and continue this.

    • Thanks for your interest in this story. I (almost) never say never, but at the moment I don’t see it continuing. It’s kind of a limited scenario. For a longer story you need more scope for action and conflict.

    • You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. It started out as a two- or three-page quickie and ended up a lot longer than I intended, but sometimes you just have to follow the story (or vignette in this case) where it wants to go.

  5. Sorta confused about the ending. Did Daphne think that Oliver always wanted to be a woman, and want to be with a man? Did she think that that was the only way to improve their sex life? It really didn’t seem like Oliver was really enjoying that at the end.

    I mean, reading it a couple of times I’m still not sure if Oliver always wanted to be in the role of the wife or if Daphne just forced it on him and he didn’t want to resist just because he didn’t want to lose “the bet”. Is he happy being submissive?

    • Got to admit, this is one of those times where the author doesn’t have all the answers. In spite of its length, this was kind of a quickie “in the moment” vignette that didn’t come together as a full-blown story (no pun intended).

      Daphne never emerged as a well-rounded character, even in my own mind, so I’m not sure what her motivation is. Here’s my speculation: it appears that she sees herself as a man trapped in a woman’s body, and this is her way of dealing with the situation. She found herself married (and truly in love with) a guy with distinct feminine tendencies, and she deliberately manipulated him into becoming more of a woman than he might have been on his own. That would make her rather self-centered (to put it mildly) and him awfully passive, so in that sense neither of them come out of this looking good. Flawed characters, both.

      As for whether or not Oliver was enjoying himself, that’s hard to say. He certainly didn’t shy away from hitting the sheets with that dude. It seems that he got more than he bargained for, but he also considered it as the moment he mentally became a woman. So maybe he figured it was all for the best in the long run. But your confusion is understandable; the vignette doesn’t really nail down anybody’s motivation. It’s pretty open-ended that way. Just a slice of life, open to interpretation. 🙂

  6. Outstanding story, Amanda! A bit racier than you usually write, but that isn’t a bad thing…I think you could get this published as an e-book on Amazon…


    • Thanks, Mellissa. Yeah, every so often I get into a frame of mind where something like this pops out. I do appreciate the props, but this isn’t really the sort of thing I’d want to publish. It’s not the kind of story I want to be really known for; to define me as a writer. As an occasional thing, sure. But as a writer, I’ve got my sights set higher.

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