LawsuitFor today’s object lesson on the dangerous field of cross-dressing and its possible (probable?) misuses, we return to the often misunderstood concept of hypnosis. Is it really possible to hypnotize a person into doing something that they don’t want to do? Perhaps not in real life, but TG fiction is a different matter. Here’s what might happen if you let one of your buddies mess with your mind in a certain way. By the by, if you want to know why the title is “Lawsuit”, you’ll just have to read the pages that follow the caption. Enjoy!

The R-rated ending of this little story makes it most like some of my racier tales from the past. For instance, “Pillow Talk” from last year, or “Regulation Housewife” from 2014. Or from 2013, “Fleet Escort” and “The Cross-Date“.


P.S. This thang ain’t just a caption, homegirl; click the smaller icon above for the full vignette in a PDF.


Lawsuit caption

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