Two Heads

Two HeadsToday’s woman is smart, educated and ambitious. In a word, she’s empowered. So if you’re a modern woman looking to get ahead, what can you do with a husband whose failures in the job market are rivaled only by similar shortcomings in the boudoir? First step: make him an ex-husband; you can do better. Second step: read this caption. The road to success lies ahead.

So here’s another venerable tradition in cross-dressing fiction, the husband-to-wife story. And yes, this is another signature trope of mine, although not quite as common as the son-to-mother story. The most recent example is the vignette “Pillow Talk“, where the man and wife end up switching roles via extreme cross-dressing. But other permutations are possible. “Switcheroo” uses bodysuits to achieve more or less the same thing, although the results are not what anyone intended. And the captions “Fit to be Tied” and “Asking For It” use magic to make the switch, to the chagrin of the husband. There are numerous other examples in my archives, but I’ve never done one quite like “Two Heads”. Enjoy!


Chelsea Girl

Also, don’t forget to check out (if you haven’t already) the recent feature addition to the Hawkins canon. Chelsea Girl is a novel-length tale of cross-dressing and transgender issues, all wrapped up in a mystery that keeps you guessing to the final page. A must-read for the TG crowd!

12 thoughts on “Two Heads

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  2. Two Heads great caption; BUT Helena is going to get her twin sister/ ex-wife good after the date with the old boss that was a creep according to Felicity. BUT in truth the old boss was not a creep just an older man with a weight problem, Helena found out the boss was a good guy and a great lover seeing that Helena had the right plumbing now. So Helena double crossed Felicity set up house with the Boss and was now making Her own name in the real estate field and was in competition with Felicity and Felicity hated it but could not say a thing seeing she did everything to her Ex-husband and could go to jail if she said Helena was not a real woman.

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  5. “They’re just there to facilitate the male’s feminization, so it’s no surprise that they don’t come across as real people. They aren’t. They’re automatons. They might as well be robots.”

    When you wrote that in a comment above, it made me think about The Auto-Closet story from WAY back on Fictionmania. In a way, I liked it better because it had that cold feeling of “nothing personal. I’m a robot just doing its job.” so it can’t be cruel. Of course, when you go that route, there can’t be any real humiliation built in since there is no one there to be ashamed of around to see the predicament .. and many readers prefer that aspect to the whole feminization process.

    Which leads me to an idea that would probably be fleshed out more by you Amanda than I ever could. Use it if you like. A “nanny” robot that is sold to rich people. Teen boy still has his from when he was younger, and finds out there is a girl version and downloads that personality into the bot (who doesn’t want a femme bot around?) Finds out later that there is a reason they sell a boy or girl version to parents as they have difference routines and chores to fulfill throughout the day and night.

    • I remember that old auto-closet story; it was a classic, in spite of the poor quality of the writing. I wrote my own four-page homage to the concept back in 2009, which is available here: “Autocloset: The Dare“.

      I made the “robot” comment to emphasize that the character’s internal motivations (for the woman doing the feminizing) don’t really enter the equation. They aren’t supposed to be real people; they’re just there to force the main character to do something he wouldn’t normally do. True, sometimes they’re shown to be bent on humiliating their victim, but then they become your classic cartoon villain. Who would really act like that in real life? As the writing advice goes, the villain has to be the hero of their own story. (In this caption, at least the wife is given a semi-plausible goal of becoming the top saleswoman in town, and she might even believe that on some level she’s doing Derrick a favor of sorts, although that’s debatable.)

      I realize that for some fans of the genre, humiliation is the whole point. So you’re right, for those folks the agent of feminization needs to at least appear to be a real person. That’s why the “cartoon feminizer” has become so common in TG fiction. And I’ve written such characters myself, even though I’m not into humiliation on a personal level. A better story would at least hint at why the woman was motivated to perform the feminization; something beyond just being a man-hating bitch. But coming up with such a reason is tough, because maybe there isn’t one!

      I’ll consider the “robot nanny” idea. No promises though!

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  7. God. What a bitch. Why do these kind of women always feel like doing this is is okay in these kinds of stories?

    And why the hell is he agreeing to this anyway? Whats in it for him? He should just lock her up and steal her identity if she is not going to change him back.

    • You’re right. She is. These kinds of stories are pretty common in the TG world, and the same could be said of the wife or girlfriend or mother or aunt or whatever that facilitates the transformation. The good news is that they’re “straw [wo]man” characters; they don’t exist in real life, and they’re not meant to be taken as real people. They’re just there to facilitate the male’s feminization, so it’s no surprise that they don’t come across as real people. They aren’t. They’re automatons. They might as well be robots.

      The man, on the other hand, is supposed to be a real person. And you’re right. Why should he go along with this? There are a few possible reasons. It could be blackmail, as in “if you want your willie back you’ll do what I say”. But I was thinking something along the line of him not having any other job prospects, so it’s either this or living on the street. That would make him one pathetic dude, but believe me a lot of captions out there make dudes look a lot worse. Some dudes even manage that feat in real life.

      Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Hopefully most of my other work will be more agreeable! 🙂

      • Sorry if my comments were a bit harsh. I had just woken up when I read that so I wasn’t thinking straight. Unfortunately sometimes get too emotional when I post comments, which is never good. Even though I didn’t like the woman I still thought it was a good caption. Thank you for your work.

      • No worries. Thanks for the props. The tone of your original comment might have been harsh, but you weren’t wrong. I have no problem with honest feedback like that. Makes people think! Which is no bad thing…

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