Fifty Shades of Lip Gloss

Fifty Shades of Lip GlossOkay, here’s the deal. You’re a young go-getter in capitalist America, climbing the corporate ladder for all you’re worth, and you’re on your way—but you get greedy. Maybe it’s your desire for a bigger house and a fancier car, or maybe it’s just those pesky student loans holding you back. For whatever reason, you cross the fine line that separates go-getter from corporate criminal. And of course, your transgressions are soon discovered and the CEO comes down on you like a ton of debt (weighs the same as a ton of bricks but the pain never lets up). But you aren’t going to jail. Oh, no… you soon discover that you’ll pay for what you did in a very different way.

Enjoy this tale of capitalist justice for the twenty-first century!


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