Bewitched! and Feminized!

bewitchedIn my recent travels on the Web, I encountered a TG caption wherein an attractive woman used some sort of magic to transform her teenage son into an identical copy of herself. My first thought was why? Why would she do such a thing? I mean, first of all it’s a kind of assault to transform one’s son into anything, against his will. Turning him into a woman, when he’s expressed no wish to be one, is bound to mess him up mightily; and when that woman is a dead ringer for his own mother, he’s probably set for a lifetime of psychoanalysis. Why would someone do that to her own son? The caption didn’t answer that question. But let’s recall one of the golden rules of writing fiction: the bad guy/gal is the hero of his/her own story. So the mother in this example must have what to her seems like a darn good reason for inflicting that transformation on her son. This caption outlines one possible answer to that question. It’s a fairly simple answer, and a longer story would no doubt make her reasoning more nuanced, if not more understandable, but nonetheless here you go. Enjoy!

I’ve written my fair share of tales where a son turns into his mother, either through cross-dressing or magic, but most of them have the son initiating the change. The only caps I could find where the mother really forces her son to take on her own image were “Like Mother, Like Son” from 2015, and “View to a Kill” from 2013. If there are others, they seem to have escaped a cursory search through my archives.


P.S. This is another fairly wide image, so here’s the JPG image of the caption for anyone who really wants it.

feminizedBonus caption! Feminization through hypnosis: we’ve all seen the videos and heard the audio where a bewitchingly feminine voice entreats us to believe that we can become a beautiful woman, we are even now becoming a woman, and in the end that we have indeed turned into a beautiful woman. And as this quick caption shows, they really work!


TG caption: Feminized!

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