Surrogate Daughter

surrogate daughterHere’s a scenario that might hit close to home for a lot of us: you’re a young guy tasked to house-sit for some reasonably well-off friends of your parents—or at least keep an eye on their place and water the plants—and they have a daughter about your age (maybe a bit older) whose closet is more than a little… shall we say enticing? So you indulge—very carefully, of course, taking extreme care to put the clothing back exactly as it was. Most of us who have done this did manage to get away with it. But needless to say, we’re talking about dangerous territory here. For someone who goes a step too far (or a whole bunch of giant steps, in this case), the consequences of being caught are virtually beyond comprehension. Here’s how it might work out for one such luckless young cross-dresser. Enjoy!

I’ve written my fair share of “cross-dresser caught” tales over the years, but “Etiquette Lesson” from 2015 is probably the most similar to this one. It also reminds me of a story from way back in 2009, “Empty Nest” (third from the bottom of the list).


P.S. This is another quite wide image, so if anyone really needs a JPG image of this caption it’s right here.

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