Feedspot Cross-dressing Blogs

cross-dress badgeI was recently notified that this website has been included in Feedspot‘s list of the top 75 cross-dressing blogs on Planet Earth. In fact, the Reading Room is no less than Number 17 on the list. My thanks to the good people at Feedspot for this honor. I note in passing that the Reading Room is the top pure TG fiction website on the list, which suggests to me that if Feedspot were ever to create a TG fiction blog list then I’d be right at the top!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Stana, whose excellent Femulate blog was Number 3 on that very same list of cross-dressing blogs! She also ranked Number 4 among the top 50 trans-woman blogs, and Number 20 among the top 100 transgender blogs. Well-earned recognition for a thoughtful and intelligent writer on transgender issues. I’m proud to count her among the followers of my own slightly more humble website.


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