Yet another problem with Pinterest

HairstylingSadly, for the second time in less than a week Pinterest has deleted yet another board in my Pinterest account. This time it was “Amanda’s Tasteful TG captions”, which I created less than two months ago to replace a previously deleted board. The board contained only a few of my own captions, and the images were ALL of fully clothed adult women. This makes a mockery—if not a joke—of their stated excuse that the Pins supposedly violated Pinterest’s guidelines regarding sexually explicit images. Clearly, this is a vendetta. It may be a pogrom against TG captions in general appearing on Pinterest, or it may be personally directed at myself. In either case, the persecutor might be Pinterest itself, acting in its perceived corporate interests, or more likely a group of bigoted individuals using the Pinterest “objectionable” flag to suppress ideas that violate their personal morality. Whatever the case, their actions are nothing less than despicable.

I have created a new Pinterest board titled “Amanda’s VERY tasteful TG captions”, but it seems likely that one will be deleted as well—again with no warning and no justification. After that, I wouldn’t be surprised if my Pinterest account were suspended, which is what they keep threatening to do if I continue to do whatever it is they find objectionable. It appears that writing classy, tasteful and intelligent TG captions is deeply problematic for some people. Perhaps they see their star in ascendancy in today’s political climate in the United States and elsewhere, but I say this: reactionaries are swimming against the great tide of history. Freedom and progressive values will win out in the end. You heard it here first. 🙂


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