CaughtOkay, here’s the deal. You got some serious time to yourself; the wife’s off on a business trip, or your girlfriend’s ‘finding herself’ at a yoga retreat, or your parents are on the road with ‘the Donald’ working to make the world a better place for rich, self-involved narcissistic blowhards. Whatever floats your boat. You got the wig, the makeup, the clothes… and you dress up. You know what I mean: you cross-dress up, like your life depends on making yourself look as gorgeous as possible. Heck, maybe it does; what do I know? So there you are: all dressed up and ready to promenade straight out the front door—and then it opens. In walks your wife, let’s say. Whaddya do? You—lie—through—your—teeth. Here’s how that conversation might go. Enjoy!


P.S. This isn’t just a mere caption, sister; click the way smaller icon above for the full vignette in a PDF.


Caught cross-dressing

9 thoughts on “Caught

  1. That was a great story, well worth the wait. Loved the way Francine was caught in one lie after another and finally tells the truth and still Janice does not believe her. Goes back to the old story The Boy Who Cried wolf.

    • Thanks, Heather. Hey, you didn’t have to wait—it’s been avail for two and a half years!
      I just went back and read it myself. Damn if it isn’t really funny! I impressed myself! 🙂

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  4. Thank you Amanda! Giggle
    No skin suits or medallions. … I love a *natural* girl. OK. …. hypnosis is massive fun, especially when we get to hear the instructions.
    You brightened my day!
    I just wish I was as pretty as the least of your “victims”.
    Laura FT / non-op since 1993

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