The Replicant

The ReplicantImagine waking up one morning, in your lonely bachelor bed, to find this gorgeous face (and that wonderfully voluminous hair) staring down at you. And you mutter to yourself, “Like, wow, this must be my lucky day…” Guess again. Like the dinosaurs, you’re done and dusted, dude. But do try to enjoy the moment (which is about all you have left).

This caption harkens back to an item from 2013, “We are the Borg“. And if you’re thinking I must be some kind of Trekkie, you’re not far off. I don’t dress up (not counting the occasional cocktail dress with heels, hose, hair down to here and full makeup) and I don’t go to cons, but I have seen every episode of every series and all the movies, so when someone says to me “I am Locutus”, I run and hide.


3 thoughts on “The Replicant

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