Second Thoughts

Second ThoughtsAs a cross-dresser, you’ve hit the sweet spot: the girlfriend you live with has a job that’s important enough, and demanding enough, to keep her out of the house all day, while you work at home with exclusive daily access to her entire wardrobe. What could go wrong, right? Well, as it turns out, lots!

I’ve always been surprised at how often cross-dressers seem to fantasize about getting caught. There are a lot of captions out there with variations on that theme; heck, I’ve even written a few myself. But for the most part, I don’t really see the being-caught appeal. As the story-line tends to go, after being caught the cross-dresser is then obliged (or free) to dress up all the time. The upside is obvious: no more sneaking around, no more guilt, just cross-dressing and feminization all the way to the horizon. Me, I find it just as easy to imagine the negative consequences; the humiliation (into which I am not), the lost relationships, the damaged lives, and so on. But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way, so don’t forget to check out the second scene, which follows this caption in the PDF. Enjoy!

If you liked this caption, you might want to check out “Surveilled” and “Caught” from last year, and “Final Fantasy” from way back in 2013.


Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

7 thoughts on “Second Thoughts

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  2. Don’t disagree but (yes a but sorry ) how many people have come so close to being caught either dressed or by hidden wardrobe , as child by parents or siblings and as grown up by wife/girlfriend the endorphins and panic that kicks in during them moments is terrifying cos let’s be honest you will not be judged well, but a fantasy where not only is your dressing side accepted but encouraged is a place many people would love to be . I would rather wear a dress etc having a meal with my wife than hiding x

    • I agree. I’ve felt those endorphins of which you speak, and those moments are terrifying indeed. Every last one of us has had that fantasy of being accepted and encouraged, so you’re not alone there. For too many of us, though, it is still a fantasy. That’s the hidden tragedy most of us live with every day, and which I’ve written about many times.

  3. I agree..getting caught or outed not good..but there comes a day and a special someone when the that special reveal is a magic moment.

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