He’ll Try Anything Once

he'll try anything onceI must admit that I’m committing the writerly sin of stereotyping here, in that the main character is a cross-dresser who just happens to be a small and somewhat nebbish guy who has little or no success with girls, and generally gets no respect from them. Now there certainly might be some truth to this stereotype, but I’m the first to recognize that it isn’t all-encompassing; there are undoubtedly many ordinary-looking guys who have dated lots of girls and generally have their respect, but who nonetheless feel the irresistible allure of women’s clothing and head-to-foot feminine disguise. So let’s just get together and celebrate the stereotype with TG captions like this one, while acknowledging that said stereotype doesn’t represent a universal truth about cross-dressers. Enjoy!



TG caption: He’ll Try Anything Once

2 thoughts on “He’ll Try Anything Once

  1. I love all of your work. Have for years, but I don’t comment enough. Sorry. I really like this one though and thought I should tell you so. You’re great. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Brooke. It’s lovely of you to say that; I really appreciate it. We writers really can’t get enough of this sort of thing , although constructive criticism is also useful. (I don’t get a whole lot of that, perhaps because my writing is already very nearly perfect as it is???? ) (I kid, of course!)

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