Party Like It’s 1969

party like it's 1969In this short tale (click on the icon to download) I introduce a new high-tech device (possibly of alien origin): the AutoMesmerizer 9000, for automating the process of hypnotizing someone. It allows for pre-programming the entire process via an app—which, as an aside, would allow for self-hypnosis (feel free to use the idea). I don’t use that aspect of it here, but as the story shows, an invention like this is all too easy to misuse. Needless to say, I’ve utilized hypnosis in a TG context many times before, most recently in “Cabaret“, “The Devil Bade Me” and “By the Power of Mesmer“. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Party Like It’s 1969

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  6. After reading this wonderful story, I now understand so much more about myself! I have been a victim of Mr. Sampson’s Mesmerizers. However must have been an earlier model.

    His early models must have been targeted for women only. It seems I know I am actually a woman but I have been leading the life of a man, and darn, unlike Irina I don’t get weekends off!

    Great work as always Amanda!


    • Hmmm. Sounds plausible! But don’t forget: Sampson was only a customer, he didn’t invent the AutoMesmerizer. Soon, everyone and his dog will have one. And then God (and dog) help us all!

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