You Weren’t Working Out as A Man

you weren't working out as a manWhen a man is transformed into a woman against his will, no matter how the deed is done or who’s responsible, an author always has to throw in some element of rationalization. “He was meant to be a woman” is common excuse, as is “he was a bad man anyway” (as if being a woman were some kind of punishment—which for some people it might be, I suppose; present company excepted). This little tale foregrounds its rationalization in the title: a woman’s son wasn’t “working out as a (young) man”, so why not turn him into a girl? Makes perfect sense, right? Then there’s the common aspect of these stories that the person responsible has their own selfish interests at heart, and to spice things up there’s the oft-used “biter bit” turnabout where the newly minted female gets her own back (usually by doing something more or less as bad as what was done to her). So, yeah, nothing much new here but it’s still worth a read. Oh, and the lovely lady pictured is none other than the fabulous Catherine Deneuve during her 1960s heyday. Enjoy!



TG captions: You Weren’t Working Out as A Man

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