OrlandoI stand in solidarity with the people who lost their lives in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend. For them, and for the family and friends they leave behind, I offer my sympathy and my hope that this tragedy might lead to some sort of positive change.

(Seriously, Americans—bless their hearts—and other civilians of the world do not need unfettered access to automatic and semi-automatic weapons! And damn the NRA for turning gun control into a bogus debate about personal rights, instead of saving lives. I’m liberal and proud of it.)

For the murderous fool, who shall remain nameless here (and should everywhere else as well), I have only condemnation. His self-righteous bigotry has no place in the modern world. Religion has nothing to do with this crime; it only comes into play as an after-the-fact justification of the intolerance and hatred that grew in his own heart. He and he alone is responsible for his actions. Let his name be quickly and quietly forgotten.

Let us instead remember the people whose lives came to such a tragic end, and in their names let us build a better tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. The world is a dark and dangerous enough place as it is. Then some bring other factors, such as sexuality, religion and/or race amongst other things into the equation. Anyone who dies in such a manner should be respected and our sympathies should go out to all who are affected. People must learn to accept that we are all different and entitled to be who we are.

    • Amen to that. Well said. And I continue to believe, in spite of the uncommon events that make the headlines, that in many ways both large and small the people of this world are slowly learning to treat one another better.

  2. The political landscape in the US has become far too polarized. There’s one faction screaming that it is all to do with religion and nothing to do with gun laws, and the other side saying it is all to do with guns, and nothing to do with religion. Religion is the direct cause of most of the world’s current terrorism problems, with Islam just being the latest perpetrator of these atrocities. The ridiculous gun laws in the US, a supposedly advanced nation, just makes attacks like this far too easy to carry out.

    If the world’s media and politicians would stop making excuses by repeating the “it’s nothing to do with Islam” and “they’re not real Muslims” refrains, then something might start to move in a more productive direction. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

    • I hear ya. Which side is right really depends on on the murdering bastard’s motivations. From the sound of it now, he might well have been a closeted and deeply conflicted man with either bisexual or gay leanings. If so, then his religious beliefs certainly played a part in creating the hatred (both for himself and others) that drove him to strike out in anger (with automatic weapons). But if all he had by way of weaponry was handguns and rifles, then fewer people would have lost their lives. So in all likelihood, both sides have part of the truth.

  3. Amanda,
    I am saddened too by this brutality and I don’t care about his religion or what his nationality was. What matters now, is wether we let Donald trump and others like him exploit this tragedy for political pandering. Incarcerating a whole population will not save us – remember our mass Voluntary Internment Camps during WW II of thousands of Japanese Americans ? Their crime being Japanese after Pearl Harbor and living on the west coast ! As far as guns go , we need better background checks to keep FBI suspected terrorists from acquiring such lethal hardware. This is a moment we all must stand together and love one another and look out for each other ; not tear, rip, and rend each other apart. Donald and others want it ; I do not. A prayer for Orlando to recover from a straight man ; I do not hate anyone except criminals and terrorists.

  4. Hi Amanda, Thanks for posting your thoughts. They so closely echo my own. Over here in the UK, we are all thinking of all those that have suffered. We sincerely hope that the gun laws will one day be amended. A UK friend. Hugs TinaCortina xx

  5. To you, one who has used both seriousness and humor to help others to understand the struggles, the joys and many other emotions in between of the serious issues of transgenderism and crossdressing, I salute you. I salute your statement in support of all, whether SGLBT?

    Your website gives an opportunity to better understand issues faced by others, like them or different from them, in an open, caring and joyful environment. I hope many of your readers salute you for your statement on the horrors of Orlando. May all follow your example and care, try to understand and walk side by side of those who are like them, but more so those whose lifestyle may be different then theirs but they care for and accept in oneness.

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