Acceptance Re-Issued

Haven linkMost people who come to my website probably already know about Rachel’s Haven. For those of you who don’t—for goodness sake, why not? It’s a fantastic resource for the TG community, particularly for anyone interested in transgender fiction and TG captions. It’s got lots of stories, tons of captions, and a forum for exchanging messages with other people who like the same things you do. It does require you to register, but it’s all free and you can participate as much or as little as you like. So get over there and revel in the freedom.

acceptance-bookworksHowever, running a website as large as the Haven takes cash, and Rachel has always funded the site by donation. As an alternate source of funding, Rachel recently launched the Haven Bookworks, which sells TG fiction (and non-fiction) in various digital formats. Its latest publication is A Little Bit of Girl Time (Volume 1), a collection of short TG fiction that happens to include my own “Acceptance” among its thirteen titles. In the interest of full disclosure, my story is a reprint; it’s the same story that I posted here almost exactly a year ago. But the rest of the stories are original to this volume, so if you’ve got a few dollars to spare why not support a good cause and buy the whole collection?

Volume 1 of A Little Bit of Girl Time can be purchased as a single collection, or as individual stories. To keep this post short I’ve included only the link to my story, but the others are there as well. The eBook is also available from online retailers Amazon, Google Play and Barnes and Noble, but split into three distinct parts (with four or five stories in each) due to commission limitations. Individual stories are also available from these retailers, although at a slightly higher price point than the Bookworks offers. The Haven receives the most proceeds per sale if you make the purchase on the Haven Bookworks. All these details, and the appropriate links, are better explained and presented at the Haven itself. I bid you, go there now and do what you must.

I should add that I have no personal experience with the Haven Bookworks, either as an author or as a customer. I only know that Rachel has always seemed to me to conduct herself with both dignity and honesty in her role as the Haven’s proprietress. Also, I have not myself read the other stories that make up this volume of A Little Bit of Girl Time. I can only say that they have been professionally proofed and edited, which is a lot more than can be said of most TG stories posted online. (My own website is, of course, another such exception; as I’m sure you know.)


4 thoughts on “Acceptance Re-Issued

  1. I’ll have to check it out. If the others are anywhere near as good as your story, it will be well worth it 🙂

    • I’ll repeat what I said in my post: I haven’t read the other stories, so I can’t vouch for them. I do know that they’ve been thoroughly edited and nicely formatted, and that alone puts them miles ahead of most stories posted online (mine excepted, ‘natch).

      On the subject of formatting, Rachel recommends the Calibre application for viewing e-books on the PC (and elsewhere); it’s free and it works—unlike the STDU Viewer (which I will not link to) that I tried first (it messed up the formatting big-time).

    • Short answer: Yes. Both my story and the compilations I mentioned above, are available from Haven Bookworks (and the other retailers) as e-book files (i.e., ePub and at least one other format). My story “Acceptance” is still freely available on my website as a PDF file.

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